WR Series Double Section

The WR Series wall mounted cabinets are built to the highest standards with flexibility and ease of installation at the forefront of design criteria. More than 30 different size and door variants makes the WR Series one of the most comprehensive in the market.

The fully welded frame ensures a stable structure while the key lockable quick release door opens to 180 degrees and is available in Acrylic, Curved Perforated or Steel.

Removable side panels complete with locks, plus plenty of cable knockouts in back, top and bottom panels ensure ease of access during wiring and fitout.

Single section cabinets are complete with a removable rear panel and installation is made simple with a quick mount rail that is fixed to the wall allowing for one person installation.
Double section cabinets come with a rear hinge section with reversible lift off hinges, again allowing for one person installation and flexibility of access and opening.

For quality and features you cannot beat the WR Series wall mounted cabinets.


  • Welded body, removable sides with lock, adjustable shelf rails with RU markings
  • Quick release door hinges make for ease of installation
  • Reversable doors open to 180 degrees with reverse hinge
  • Acrylic, Curved Perforated or Steel doors
  • Curved perforated door protrudes 50mm and 70% perforation
  • 19” depth adjustable mounting rail
  • Top and bottom panel come with knock-outs for cable entry
  • Cabinet can be fixed directly to the wall or attached to a hinge wall bracket
  • Hinge wall bracket is lockable and contains knock-outs for cable entry
  • Hinge wall bracket adds 100mm to the depth
  • Rear hinge section can be left or right side
  • Rear hinge section key lockable and has 19” provisions
  • Fan and filters are available
  • 60kg load capacity
  • Black in colour

Standard Inclusions

All WR Series come with these standard inclusions. The below part numbers are the complete cabinet with the door style option.

  • 1 x cantilever shelf (1RU 300 depth cantilever)
  • Key lock on front door
  • Key locks on removable side panels
  • Cable entry knockouts top, bottom and rear
  • Fan vents in top
  • Quick mounting rail (19” depth)
  • Earth stud
  • 25 cage nuts and screws
  • Front and rail mounting rails

Standard Inclusions

  • 1 fan unit for 450 depth cabinet (9181), see accessories section
  • 2 fan unit for 600 depth cabinet (9182), see accessories section

Double Section Wall Cabinet

Cabinet Doors Download PDF
RU Height Width Depth Total Depth Acrylic Perforated Steel


280 600 450 550* WRH6404 WRH6404V WRH6404S PDF


367 450 550* WRH6406 WRH6406V WRH6406S PDF
600 700* WRH6606 WRH6606V WRH6606S PDF


500 450 550* WRH6409 WRH6409V WRH6409S PDF
600 700* WRH6609 WRH6609V WRH6609S PDF


634 450 550* WRH6412 WRH6412V WRH6412S PDF
600 700* WRH6612  WRH6612V WRH6612S PDF


897 450 550* WRH6418  WRH6418V WRH6418S PDF
600 700* WRH6618 WRH6618V WRH6618S PDF


1170 450 550* WRH6424 WRH6424V WRH6424S PDF
600 700* WRH6624 WRH6624V WRH6624S PDF

NOTE: *Total Depth includes 100mm rear hinge section.