Racktech is a specialist in rack system enclosures and accessories for the communications, data, electronic, security and electrical industries. The company was founded in Sydney, Australia on March 15th 1990 and was acquired by Preformed Line Products (Australia) Pty Ltd in April 2000.

The Australian market has many companies offering “part” of the range but Racktech maintains a dominant position in most markets in which it operates due to the comprehensive range manufactured to the highest standards coupled with a continuous drive for ongoing improvement in all areas of the business from product features, design and innovation through to exceptional customer service with the aim to exceed customer expectations.

Importantly the fundamental need to provide competitive pricing and compete at all levels has not been forgotten and we are confident our range, service, price and product features combined will ensure a lower overall cost position when using Racktech product.

This is particularly important when considering features and accessories that aid in prolonging the life of sensitive electronic equipment installed in racks, such as Energy Management, Cooling and Aisle Containment systems that may appear as an additional up front cost but repay the investment in very short time frames through energy and equipment life savings.

A comprehensive range manufactured to the highest standards ensures the brand is associated with many leading edge projects and highly accepted by customers at all levels.

A strong commitment to the principles of quality, service and attention to detail ensures we transform these values into unique and dynamic outcomes that are second to none. In order to attain and maintain these objectives, Racktech has implemented a Certified Quality Management System which meets the requirements of
AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008.

In summary, Racktech is committed to providing an unrivalled product and service offer to its many valued customers.