Aisle Containment

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Racktech is the Australian Distributor of market leading Polargy Hot and Cold Aisle Containment solutions.
Since 2007 Polargy has been the world leading designer and manufacturer of hot and cold aisle containment solutions for new data centre construction and retrofits. Polargy is the provider of choice for many world class – mission critical facilities owners and operators. Polargy containment is deployed by customers including Facebook, Verizon, Pixar Animation, Barclays and Dell.

Polargy customers save millions of Kilowatt Hours. Smart designs, innovative products and years of experience ensure that our clients achieve significant cost savings with cutting edge air flow management solutions completed on time and on budget.

Racktech will provide a complete solution from consultation and design to installation.

Prefabricated Containment Systems

Racktech, together with Polargy are changing the way containment is deployed during new construction to bring relief to build schedules and budgets. Polargy’s pre fabricated, flat pack system is a smarter way to build because it installs in half the time of traditional stick built systems and costs significantly less. With the notion that containment is in the projects last phase, speeding its installation gives tremendous advantage to meeting schedules.

Cabinet Supported Hot Aisle Containment

Aisle End Containment Doors

Great doors make for a great user experience in a contained data centre. Easy opening, smooth sliding, no threshold, auto closing and hold open features are attributes of Polargy Aisle end doors.

A variety of Aisle end containment doors are available including Polargy’s unique, adjustable height sliding doors and easy to install swing doors.

Aisle Containment Roof Panels

The polarplex Drop-away panel for use below sprinkler heads is another industry first from Polargy. These UL listed drop away panels resolve the “sprinkler head obstruction” problem associated with deploying containment. This unique hot and cold aisle containment solution is deployed horizontally across the aisles to create a tight containment barrier.

The panels are made of an aluminium frame with a special translucent insert. The panels are heat sensitive and fall away in high heat, allowing access for suppression systems. They are designed for use underneath lighting and fire suppression systems and are engineered to drop out in the event of a fire.

Floor Mounted Hot Aisle Containment

Containment Panels

Polarplex containment panels are an attractive containment solution for isolating above and around racks. They are typically deployed vertically to create an attractive, modular containment barrier. Made of anodized aluminium framing and fire safe inserts, the Polarplex containment panels are lightweight, cost effective and attractive looking. Systems can be ceiling suspended with an innovate quick connect and quick removal design or alternatively secured to rack tops or the floor.

Innovative Solutions

Drawing on years of experience serving these top mission critical operators, Polargy, together with Racktech has a deep insight into all aspects of data centre infrastructure and has developed ingenious solutions to common and costly problems.

Ceiling Supported Hot Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Containment

Containing the hot aisle is clearly the trend in new data centre construction for the enterprise segment. Hot aisle containment focuses on isolating hot exhaust air on its return to the CRAC units or on its way out of the building. Architects and Engineers prefer this method of air segregation because;

  • Airside economisation designs that flood the whole room with cold air are easy to build
  • It is much easier to achieve airflow balance with a common cold zone
  • A common cool area in the space is more comfortable for users

For these reasons, containment on the hot side sees wide adoption in new data centre builds.

Cold Aisle Containment

Containing the cold aisle has been the most common approach for energy efficiency retrofits and many co-location and wholesale providers.
Cold aisle containment confines the cold supply air within the aisle so that it is only available to the equipment and cannot escape out of the aisle ends or over the top of the aisle. The most common approach of this containment approach is aisle end doors and roof panels on a raised frame with perimeter CRACs.

Cold aisle containment is widely used on retrofits of existing site because the roofing approach can avoid the need to modify fire suppression and fits below existing cable trays and other obstructions. Co-location and wholesale providers like this method because it provides flexibility for layout changes. With individual contained cold aisles it is particularly important to monitor and balance the airflow within the aisles.

Cabinet Supported Cold Aisle Containment

Curtain Panels and Strip Curtain Doors

Polarplex containment curtains are an economical way to eliminate hot spots and overcooled zones. Made of high grade vinyl and installed with Polargys trouble free mounting system they are easy to install and flexible to re- deploy.

Engineering and Design Support

Racktech engineers offer design support for hot and cold aisle containment projects of any size. Racktech can create shop drawings from architectural drawings in CAD. We also offer design support where we assist architects and engineers in the development of a final project design. For retrofits with less specific documentation Racktech prepares basic design documents from layout drawings and field measurements.

With a multitude of options and methods available, Racktech can provide engineering support to ensure the most efficient method is deployed for your particular installation.

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