RT Wall Frames


rt-series-ii-logoRack Technologies RT2 series is a fully customisable design which allows for hundreds of variations in size and panel configuration.

With a 1000kg load capacity RT2 is designed with strength and flexibility in mind so you can simply configure your cabinet to suit your individual requirements. Visit rack-tech.com and use our RT2 rack builder to design your own cabinet.

In 600 and 800mm width with 6 different heights and 5 different depths plus numerous combinations of doors, panels and other accessories you will be hard pressed to find an application RT2 cannot provide a solution for.

Designed and assembled in Australia ensures local requirements are catered for and delivery is scheduled to meet even the most challenging requirements.

Options including seismic or acoustic rating ensure even the harshest or most sensitive environments are catered for.


• Cabinet frame only
• All wall frames swing at 180° degrees
• Lids can be used top or bottom
• Most suitable for patching
• All fasteners provided


RU Height Width Depth Part Number Add to Quote


90 483 100 WF201 Add to Quote
200 WF202 Add to Quote
300 WF203 Add to Quote


179 483 100 WF401 Add to Quote
200 WF402 Add to Quote
300 WF403 Add to Quote


268 483 100 WF601 Add to Quote


200 WF602 Add to Quote


300 WF603 Add to Quote