POM PDU (8)C13 Outlet (1)RJ45 (1)RJ11, 1U 16A 230V IEC320 C20 Plug

POM is short for “Per Outlet Monitoring”. Using the network interface authorised users can remotely drill-down to individual outlets and obtain a quick accurate measurement of the true power being consumed by any specific device.

Knowing a device’s true power consumption enables IT loads to be more efficiently balanced between Server cabinets. Servers with static power consumption become quickly identified and considered for consolidation, virtualisation or retirement.

Scheduled outlet control enables devices to be turned on & off automatically to meet dedicated hours of operation or maintenance procedures set for a particular day, week day, or every day. Power cycling can be automated for locked devices by monitoring their IP address. Outlets can also be assigned into group access for colocation requirements, limiting access to the entire PDU by unauthorised personnel.


  • Meter: True RMS Current Meter.
  • Power Monitor: Total Power Monitoring by Meter, Web, SNMP, Remote Software.
  • Protocols: Http, Https, SNMP, DHCP, UDP.
  • Outlet Control: Individual, Group, Schedule, Auto Ping.
  • Power Delay: Power On/Off Sequence can be defined.
  • Alarm Thresholds: User-Defined Alarm.
  • Thresholds for Warning and Overload.
  • Event Alert: Email, Trap, Audible Alarm.
  • Temperature/Humidity: Option Accessory.